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Developing a new exterior color scheme can be both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking - especially when you've decided to hire a professional painter - a mistake in color can be costly, or else you have to live with your wrong choice for a long time. And boy, it will feel like a very long time if you hate the color! When creating an exterior color scheme we incorporate many elements; the siding, trim, roof, landscaping and outdoor furnishings. Even the oft-misunderstood garage door.

It can be challenging choosing a color for the garage door. One trend that I see a lot in exterior color work is the use of white trim paint, especially with the plethora of white windows in newer home construction. White trim is a natural extension of the window itself, and adds a crisp, clean look. I get that, totally makes sense, and my only request is that you land on a trim white that isn’t too icy cool.

White-painted garage door - image via Pinterest
White-painted garage door - image via Pinterest

However, I would like to propose a different approach to thinking about the garage door; not in every case, of course, but for those homes that are “garage forward”; where the garage is the first thing you see from the street, while the rest of the house seems to sit back a bit. With these homes I believe white doors are simply too much.

Most garage doors are not intended to become the architectural focal point of the house, that honor usually goes to the front porch and entry. The garage is a secondary architectural feature, and as we work out a color scheme, we can keep that in mind.

Non-white painted garage door - Image via Pinterest
Non-white painted garage door - Image via Pinterest

Especially if your doors aren’t showstoppers themselves, we can artfully use color to redirect the focus towards a more desirable area of the house.

Check this picture out: See how the main body color of the house can also be used on the garage door? The trim helps to delineate the doors, and the body color keeps the doors from overpowering the rest of the house.

An added bonus: These doors won’t look dirty as fast as white one will. Stylish and practical!

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