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Welcome to Robin Daly Color & Design where our professional and creative team is dedicated to designing spaces that are tailored to your needs and desires.

From the moment of your initial design consultation to the installation of the finishing touches, we approach interior design with you in mind. Our commitment to exceptional customer service stems from Robin's experience in a family business known for its customer-centric approach. We bring that same philosophy to every project we undertake, working closely with our you to ensure their vision is realized.

Our ultimate goal is to make your personal style shine through in every aspect of your space.

Meet Robin, the driving force behind Robin Daly Color & Design. Robin's passion for color and design dates back to her high school days when she started selling paint, wallpaper, and blinds at her family's prestigious paint and decorating stores in Seattle. However, her connection to design runs even deeper, as her grandfather was an accomplished designer in the 1930s.

With over 5,000+ homes under her belt, Robin's experience is unparalleled. Having worked with countless clients, she has developed an expertise that cannot be replicated. Her journey has taken her far and wide, allowing her to gain insights and knowledge that she brings to each project.

Throughout her career, Robin has shared her design expertise through various platforms. She has written about design, contributing a weekly column to the Seattle PI newspaper and a monthly column for 425 Magazine. She has also made appearances on radio and television, and she takes great pleasure in teaching classes to both designers and consumers. Robin's influence even extends to the launch of the national paint brand, C2 Paint, highlighting her passion for paints and stains.

At Robin Daly Color & Design, we strive to make the design process enjoyable while ensuring that the end result perfectly reflects your unique style and preferences. Join us on this creative journey as we transform your space into a personalized oasis that exceeds your expectations.

Say Hello to the Rest of the Team

When you work with us, you are getting a team that is focused on your project.

Randy Hillam

Randy and Robin work closely together to create your design. Randy's brings his thoughtful, artistic eye to everything he touches.

As a designer, Randy's skills range from concept sketching to sourcing and detailed drafting.

He and Robin have worked together for over 20 years.


Staci Davidson

Staci works behind the scenes to keep things rolling.

During a project, you'll receive regular Friday email updates from Staci keeping you abreast of what's been happening.

You'll find Staci working on the many practical details to a project; tracking, vendor communications, and all the things that aren't directly design related, but important to make your design come to fruition.


Ready to turn your vision into reality? Let's take the first step together. Click 'Get Started' and let the creative process begin

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