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My work with color and design began in high school, when I started selling paint and wallpaper at my family's paint store. Can you imagine trusting a 15 year old with your decorating choices?

Over the years, I've been to well over 5,000 homes helping people create their perfect design solutions. Besides the countless miles logged, it all adds up to a level of experience that can't be beat. And, no, it never gets boring. The whole goal is to make it an enjoyable process, while landing on a look that is just right for you.

One of my favorite things to do is to share what I've learned. I've written about color and decor for newspapers and magazines - including a weekly column in the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper and a monthly design column for glossy 425 Magazine. I've been on radio, television and love to teach classes to both designers and consumers.

Have you ever wondered who names all those paint colors? A highlight of my career has been my extensive involvement in helping to create national paint brand C2 Paint. A collaborative process, I've had the honor to work on the development of C2 Paint's unique color palette from the ground up.

I bring my passion of working with people in finding great solutions to color and design and uniting that with a deep industry insider's knowledge. Not only will you get a great design, but it will be with an understanding of the products that are appropriate for your specific needs.

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Design DNA



This is my grandfather, Walter J. Daly Sr., in his Chicago design studio, showing draperies to a patron. Late 1920's to early 1930's.​ I love this photo for a number of reasons: Design is highly personal, and here is my grandfather working with a client, just as I do today. Presentation tools may be modernized, but the individual client connection remains exactly the same. How many of us have the opportunity to see our family legacy in action? How great is it to see what was considered "in good taste" a century ago?


Let me help you design a space you'll love.


Collaborate one-on-one, review options, share feedback and watch your space take shape.