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Don't Make This Common Design Mistake

Updated: May 10, 2021

This week we finalized the transformation of a Coupeville beachfront retreat. Well, almost. Because next we are moving on to renovating the kitchen, which is very exciting!

But for the goal of today's post, this installation was completed. And it was so satisfying because we included one of the most important steps when finalizing a design project -Styling. So many people never get to this final step, and it's what takes a project from mediocre to marvelous.

As we were moving in the new furniture, it became clear that this project provided the perfect opportunity to show you exactly why Styling and Accessorizing is vital to bringing a design plan to life.

Here's the sitting area, decked out to create the perfect spot for watching marine wildlife or enjoying a midday snooze. (Smartly, we dressed the sectional with a slipcovered performance fabric to better withstand the intense light exposure.)

But I also have a picture of what this room looks like WITHOUT all the accessories. And it's a stark contrast.

After & Before Pictures

Beachy living room decorated with slipcovered sectional and throw pillows
This is the Living Room styled with plenty of pillows, throws, candles, lamps and trays.
Beachy living room before it's been accessorized with pillows and throws
Without accessories and styling, what have you got? A bland room with little personality

It's pretty darn boring without the styling, isn't it?

Though I must say, the tapered iron legs on the cocktail table are outstanding. As are the dining table legs, come to think of it...

When we complete a design project, it makes all the difference to bring the room completely across the finish line, because the goal is to create a total environment for you to enjoy.

A handy basket for extra throws or to catch newspapers and magazines

And check out this striped carpet. We installed it throughout the house. So good.

As a designer, I am always looking for the right professionals. It was great teaming up with the pros at Cascade Custom Homes and FloorsPlus CarpetOne Oak Harbor on this project.


Are You Ready for a Change?

Robin Daly, interior designer. Seattle | Whidbey Island | Bellingham

It's easy to get started - Here's a fun questionnaire - you can tell me a bit about your project and see some design styles to get inspired.

Or give me a call - We'll discuss what's on your mind, explore your design goals, and evaluate smart strategies for getting you there. 206-794-0314

Regards, Robin

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