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Award Winning Before & After Remodel

This project, a complete remodel-to-the-studs, recently wrapped up and the builder WON the SICBA 2021 Project of the Year - Residential Award!

I'm excited to show you what went on behind the scenes and the fab finished results.

About the Project

They say you can't go home again, but is that really true?

Our client spent her teens on Whidbey Island, and after a full career in Seattle she and her husband decided it was time to enjoy island life, back to the family home with the killer view.

But there were a few things that needed to happen first...

Let's Start with Those Dated *Before* Images, Shall We?

Oftentimes, when we see beautiful interior design images online or in a magazine, we don't get the whole story, we see the "happily ever after" part.

I'd like to show you the before images too, so you can see how a space is transformed when the client, builder and interior designer work together to create a personalized home customized exactly for the people who live here.

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We've Got An Award Winer!

What I especially appreciate is that this isn't some cookie-cutter look-alike project. It's truly a reflection of the people who live here, and an expression of their clean, relaxed aesthetic in a highly personalized manner.

And hats-off to the clients. Despite the typical twists and turns of a normal project, they navigated the additional pandemic pressures and deadlines with grace. And a lot of style.

... And Now, the Results of the Remodel

Whidbey Island remodel's view into the dining room highlights the custom casework, textured brick fireplace and lvt flooring.
Even cloudy days don't feel dark anymore. This built-in bookcase holds a library of cookbooks and family treasures.
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Highlights of the Project

  • Cascade Custom Homes redefined the original floorplan into a spacious layout that lets in the light. Walls were removed, kitchen expanded, everything went down to the studs and was renewed.

  • A treatment was applied to the freestanding brick fireplace to preserve the interesting texture but minimize the "bossiness" of the brick that divides the two main areas.

  • Robin's Designer Tip: Paint your walls, trim and ceiling the same color to modernize and maximize wall height.

  • Worn floors and carpeting were replaced with a resilient floor that would hold up to strong sun, tromped in mud, and pets.

  • Repeated themes, like the wire-brushed white-pigmented oak shelves in the dining area and bedroom help create a cohesive design throughout the house.

Robin Daly, Interior Designer

Set Up Your Discovery Call with Robin

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If you're thinking it's time to make changes, let's talk.

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The Project Team:

Living room floor plan for Whidbey Island remodel
Builder and Architect

Interior Designer



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