The Myth of Installation Day

Updated: Feb 13

When you work with an interior designer, the commonly held storyline tells you that there’s a big “reveal” at the end of the project, where everyone hugs, joyful tears are shed and we all live happily ever after.

It’s the best feeling ever.

But is that how it really works?

When we make these exciting changes, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to give you that memorable moment.

MYTH BUST: In real life, clients are often around to see the project evolve. In other words, you get to see some of the sausage being made.
Men putting together a new bed
Yesterday it took 6.5 hours to deliver and install 11 items. This is round one - there's more to come. Instantaneous change takes time!

New paint and wallpaper. The flooring goes in. We finally get on the tile installer’s calendar! (note: a rare breed, skilled tile installers are worth their weight in gold) Every element is scheduled for installation with qualified contractors.

MYTH BUST: Installation doesn’t happen in a day. It’s more a series of specific activities. Knowing this ahead of time really helps you feel like progress is being made when you're in the middle of it.
Design Board for Beach Bedroom - it's all starting to come together

Then we bring in the furnishings. The day we’ve all been waiting for! Because this step, more then any other, makes it all feel so real. It’s what we’ve been building up to, waiting for and dreaming about - completion of the transformation.

MYTH BUST: You probably won't just pop in a new sofa and call it good. Remember to budget for the small items, too.

Without styling and accessories, your gorgeous new kitchen or beautiful furniture will look lonely and unfinished. It’s not an extra expense, it’s the thing that gives you the feeling of completion and deep satisfaction when you are in your newly designed room.

Bear gets his own paisley throw for stylish lounging in the living room

Installation Day isn’t a day. It’s a process. When you’re armed with that knowledge, you can relax into it and enjoy the evolution. Because the final result will leave you feeling.... joyful, maybe a little teary, and loving your well designed home.

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