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Seattle Bathroom Remodel : Modern Upgrades and Timeless Style

Have you ever wondered what your bathroom could be like if you remodeled?

Would it feel like a new house? Would it be worth it?

This is where we started:

before the bathroom was remodeled, it looked outdated and tired

It's always inspiring to see a good "before and after" transformations, isn't it?

While I don't yet have professional images, I want to share the "after" with you:

the bathroom transformation after remodeling
Ta-Da! Look at that gorgeous wall tile and sleek vanity

In this case, the "before" was perfectly... fine. Nothing was failing, nothing was rotting.

It was just TIME.

Does the original cabinet style look familiar? These builder-grade cabinets are found all over homes of this vintage (1980's and 1990's). They are clean-lined, practical plastic laminate and serviceable. My guess is they satisfied the builder's budget at the time, too.

Fast forward to today. The children are long out of the house, and the homeowners are planning on staying for a good long time and enjoying their full and busy Seattle life.

Our goal with this project was to keep the same footprint and design the bathroom to see it well into it's next 30 years.


The architecture of the house runs contemporary, so the design of the remodel reflects that. Clean lines, focus on textural materials, a timeless feeling. Warm modern is a good way to describe the vibe. The mirror adds a softer but still modern curve, like the faucets, and echos the texture of the wall behind it.


We brought the cabinet up off the floor - with some fancy footwork by the crack team at A&R Construction. And check out the new under-cabinet lighting.

For the vanity we used rift cut oak finished in a sandy stain and selected a tile flooring that is textured and warm. Sinks and faucets are modern and sleek. Accent lighting brings in a pop of yellow and teal to reflect the sunny heritage of the lady of the house.

The big WooOooW comes from the creamy textured 48" long wall tiles that run floor to ceiling along the whole length of the vanity and wraps the entire shower. Show-stopper.


Here's what my client shared with her friends on Facebook:

"Thanks to Robin Daly she designed and presented to us her recommendations on tile, cabinets, lights, mirrors etc. All we had to do was agree with her choices and of course pay for it. It was well worth it. Couldn’t have done it without her. Would never have found that tile."



One thing you can always do, and it's free of course, is give me a call.

We'll discuss what's going on and whether it's time to explore remodeling, redecorating, or even repainting. Plan for about 20-30 minutes of time on the phone, and we'll examine your needs, your goals and the best path to move forward.


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