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NEVER CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM - Colorful Exterior Paint Adds Charming Appeal to Neighborhood

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

The power of color.

It's always fun to see the dramatic transformation of a new exterior paint project. It's exciting, a little nerve wracking, and satisfying. Fresh paint, done right, not only adds protection and value to your home, it can up the "charm" factor of the neighborhood. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing this darling home on their walk through Wallingford?

This project provided an interesting challenge. The siding on the home had been replaced 10 -15 years ago during a remodel by the previous owner, and by the looks of it, we suspect the siding was installed backside out. Yikes! Would it be possible to minimize the effect of the oddly textured siding and still add drama to the home?

The Dilemma: Keep to a light color to avoid drawing attention to the strange siding - or - take a risk and add visual interest (which the homeowner really, really wanted!) by going rich and saturated with the siding color... Well, you can see what we decided to try!

The Solution: Use a low-lustre/flat siding paint, instead of an eggshell sheen. This minimize the reflective qualities of the finish while still maintaining a durable, washable siding treatment. Ta-Da!

Tera Painting went above-and-beyond with the size of the color swatches so the homeowners could decide on the color direction. Once we all saw the rich blue/green paint in true life-sized swatches... we knew we had a winner.

What do you think? Do you like seeing this much color on an exterior?

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