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Is This You? “My Kitchen Needs Help, But I Don’t Know Where to Start”

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

In this article we talk about kitchen upgrades, kitchen remodeling, realistic budgets - and how working with your favorite interior designer can determine the best course of action and outcome.

Stylish kitchen pulls can change how the whole room looks
Design details make the difference. Over-sized cabinet hardware really pops - instantly the whole room looks special.

It's the third time this week that you've grabbed the cereal box and the darn cabinet door went all wonky on you. This is starting to get irritating.

Then you go to wipe up some spilled coffee off the counter top, and that 1980’s grout is starting to drive you nuts, because no matter how much scrubbing you do, the dated grout just looks gross.

Outdated kitchen counter tops
Nothing like tile counter tops to scream 1980's. But don't despair, so many of these dated details can be fixed

It's time for change.

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, you are faced with two important decisions:

1) Scope of work

2) Budget

How much is the right amount to invest, and how do you determine the right path for you?

Option 1: Refresh

The basic layout of the kitchen is still logical, the cabinets are in good shape, it's just starting to look a little... tired. This calls for a Refresh.

Pop up the style with new counter tops and gorgeous new hardware on the cabinets.

Kitchen refresh that helped sell the house in a tight market
Does this look like a full-on remodel? It's not. It's a Refresh on steroids. Buh-bye 1980's... Hello STYLE. Added bonus? It helped SELL THE HOUSE in a tight market!

Revive the cabinets by re-oiling the wood, resurfacing, or painting them. Switch out the flooring and lighting. This is when you call me and say, “Robin, come help me make this room look great again!”

It's the details that need attention to add new life to the room.

Budget for a Refresh can range from a few hundred dollars to $30,000, depending upon how many surfaces are being affected.

Option 2: Renovate

This is a process of restoring or updating an existing space. For example, let's say you've got a twenty-five-year-old kitchen, and it's looking more than tired. It’s worn out. Boy, the stories those cabinets could tell!

Kitchen in the middle of a Renovation
In the middle of a vintage charm Renovation...

Time for new everything; bring in upgraded and updated appliances, new counter tops, new cabinets, fabulous new sinks and faucets - all the beautiful things to make your kitchen sparkle.

Budget to Renovate will range from $30-70,000, with choices like counter tops, appliances and cabinet features affecting the final price. And when you’re ready, call me to create the perfect design.

Option 3: Remodel

Your kitchen is filled with Brady Bunch charm; it’s cramped, dark and inefficient. Time to knock out a few walls, open up to the back yard, and really transform this kitchen into the heart of the home that you’ve always dreamed of.

This is more than a Renovation ... it’s a full-on Remodel. It’s got all the features of a Renovation with the addition of construction to really craft the space to your desires.

Kitchen in need of an interior designer and a full remodel!
Your guests can't even hang out while you cook... there's no overhang on the island to encourage relaxed entertaining and gathering - besides, where do you eat your quick bowl of midnight ice cream?

Remodel budgets typically fall in the $50-120,000 range. You are creating a personalized space to fit you like a hand-tailored suit. Perfection. And yes, I am available to make your dream a reality.

With all three of these scenarios, working with an interior designer gives you access to more tools and resources to make the final outcome better. When you decide to invest in your home, your interior designer becomes your secret weapon to unite function and style.

Ways to Work Together

We begin all projects with an initial walk-thru consultation. There's no wasting time, we jump right in, discussing your needs.

We determine the quality of your existing space, the needs and dreams of your family and lifestyle, and from there we determine the next steps to move forward; Refresh, Renovate or Remodel.

Sometimes, that one meeting is all it takes to get your project off the ground and you take it from there with real, actionable steps. I love the clarity and insight that comes from these consultations.

Other times, this is just the beginning; from the consult we then create a scope of work, determine a comfortable budget and then go for it. Let the good times begin!


You Can Have a Home that is Customized to Suit your Needs and Dreams

Interior designer Robin Daly

Relief is one phone call away, and you’ll even have a great time in the process.

Know that am right there in your back pocket to make sure you make all the right choices, and make the most of your budget and time.

Call or email to schedule your consultation. The phone call is free, and we’ll discuss your project and get ready for exciting changes.

Ready? It's easy: 206-794-0314 or

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