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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When you come home after a long day, how do you feel? If your answer is “overwhelmed” or “bored” because the flooring is worn out, the cabinets are outdated, the paint colors are all wrong…. You are a great candidate for a color & design consultation.

What is a Color & Design Consultation?

This is a special two-hour block of time where we laser focus on the specifics of your home, I give you open access to my designer’s brain, and we work to create an actionable game plan designed just for you. Oh, and it’s fun.

Here’s How We Start

Before we even meet, I want to understand your pain points so I can come to our meeting prepared from the get-go. We start by connecting - via email or phone 206-794-0314 - for a discovery call to discuss your specific needs. We set the date, and then we are off to the races.

It all begins with a great conversation

The Consultation

I arrive armed with my trusty iPad, measuring tools, color samples and an open mind. If you’ve sent me pictures, I’ve reviewed those. This is a meeting where we get right down to business.

Typically, we start with a walk-through of your home, to get an idea of the general scope. This allows me to see how you live in your space, not just what it looks like.

During the walk-through, I am taking notes and pictures and making sketches of what we are discussing. I want you to leave the meeting with real, actionable steps that can be implemented right away and I freely share these notes with you.

If we are choosing paint colors, we dig in and create your color palette. Your notes will have the colors, where they belong, and the sheen specifics - so you can share this with your painter. Easy.

Here’s an example of a consultation:

Color & design consultation notes
Your consultation might contain images, notes, and sketches - depending upon our conversation.

The Biggest Benefit of Your Consultation

It saves you money.


Yes, ma’am, it saves you from making CO$TLY MISTAKES - because you are smart enough to have a plan in place from the start.

Window treatments, too? Yes!

Book An Appointment

I only take three consultations a week, and am booking new appointments right now for both Seattle and the northern counties.

While summer isn’t officially over just yet (it’s still summer until September 23rd, in case you’re squeezing out every last moment like me), as designers we are already busy getting homes ready for holiday entertaining.

To start, call 206-794-0314 or email - let’s talk about your project and get you booked in my calendar and on the path to great results.

What About Afterwards?

There are two ways to proceed once your consultation is finished:

1) We meet, you launch.

You've got your marching orders and you go forward implementing the changes we outlined during our meeting. We both feel great about creating a framework for your plans.

2) We decide "Hey, we like working together, let's keep going".

In this instance, as we continue our design journey together, I'll create a scope-of-work outline to detail out goals and how we are going to get to there. You don't have to do this alone.

Mood board - lighting, color, texture


What If I Want to Do Parts of My Project, but Have You Do Some Parts Too. Is That Possible?

Yup. That service is called Designer On Call. You are welcome to hire me for 10-hr blocks of time to be your sounding board, your resource guru, and your designer eyes.

This is a great service for those projects that don't require full-service design, but you don't want to be left hanging in the wind, either.

I Want to Hear From You - Tell Me What You're Stuck On and We'll Make a Plan Together

I'm easy to reach and we'll make it as painless as possible. :)

206-794-0314 or



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1 Comment

What a great post, Robin. And ,absolutely clear on how you work.

I am here to say that I was the lucky beneficiary of a Robin consultation that saved me hours of frustration and many dollars. Robin listened to my wants and needs uncovering what I wanted but didn't know how to articulate! She has a great eye for color. She spotted that the colors I had selected where just 'off' although they looked OK to me. She made my 'vision' so much better. After our consultation, I had a plan and confidence that I could carry out and everything would turn out great. Construction starts this week!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Robin. You've earned my highest recommendation.

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