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Help! You and Your Partner Have Different Design Styles

Viva la différence!

Except when it drives you nuts, or you don’t see eye to eye - or in the case of remodeling and decor projects, you have so many decisions to make on a deadline and you feel completely overwhelmed.

Enter your interior designer.

I tell my clients that I am like Switzerland, I’m neutral and I don’t take sides. Part of my job is to find out what each person's goals are for the project. These desires can range from wanting a beautiful living room, to staying on budget, to “I don’t know where to start or what we need”. And each person brings their own specific perspective to the project.

Most importantly, everyone gets to be heard.

An effective way to help us all land on the same page is to start with a step called the Design Discovery Process.

Interior design mood board
This is a page from a real Design Discovery; it touches upon color scheme direction, style and vibe. The Design Discovery step is a deep dive into how to craft a personalized, stylish project

This is a fun, interactive exercise where each person gets to share their own specific reactions and opinion to images we are reviewing, no judgment. We dive into a wide range of design solutions to help land on our own unique direction. Your end result should feel highly personalized to both people, it's the opposite of creating a cookie-cutter look that’s currently trendy but will look dated in just a few years' time.

From this feedback process, combined with the overall goals of the project, your design vision comes into focus.

And best of all, we’ve accomplished this without stress and minimal conflict.

The best part of working with couples is the collaboration. We are all embarking on this journey together, and the end result is satisfying and uniquely tailored to both people.

Robin Daly, Interior Designer

Set Up Your Discovery Call with Robin

I really believe it all starts with a good conversation.

If you're thinking it's time to make changes, let's talk.

Plan for 20-30 minutes for the Discovery Call, where we'll explore your needs, dreams and ideas.

Afterwards, we can schedule a Design Consultation to kick-off your new project.

Call Robin: 206-794-0314 or

I look forward to talking to you.

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