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How Do You Add Personality to New Construction?

That was the question that my client Judy and I were tasked with solving when she moved into a lovely new home painted entirely greige. Great layout and excellent quality, but far less colorful than her warm, welcoming personality would suggest.

We needed to make her new house feel like HOME.

In fact, Bellingham Alive magazine liked the transformation so much, they just published the project in their latest issue.

I find it very illustrative to share Before and After images, so I've include a few in this post. Photos visually tell the story of the transformation. Who was it that said "a picture is worth a 1,000 words"? (trivia answer: Napoleon Bonaparte)

Well then, let's get to it.

Before and After images:

BEFORE: The room feels a bit unfinished
AFTER: Who wouldn't want to hang out on this cozy sofa (covered in a performance fabric to welcome the grandkids without worry) - The use of color mixed with textured neutrals adds life. Window treatments are custom designed and crafted
BEFORE: These hard wooden chairs didn't invite anyone to hang out for a leisurely meal
AFTER: The lines of the furniture are modern, but definitely not cold. The chair legs play nicely with the expandable dining table. Colorful artwork adds energy and interest
BEFORE: This entry doesn't say much of anything. The glass ceiling fixture casts hard shadows
AFTER: This wallpaper mural transformed the room. Reflecting the mountains and sea of the PNW, the wall treatment adds so much depth
BEFORE: This was placeholder furniture until we could get the bedroom personalized
AFTER: Texture is the story, along with the richly colored walls. Creating the perfect retreat for reflection and rest. Bookcases are patinaed and statement pieces on their own

I think we solved the personalization challenge beautifully.

It's warm, it's relaxed, and it is perfectly "Judy". Check, check, and check!

Designer sneak peek: These are the Mood Boards created when we launched the project

The guiding style words were "Place", "Touchable" and "Connection".


If you are looking for guidance on transforming your home into your personal oasis, I offer Design Consultations

This is a two-hour working meeting where we discuss your challenges, dive into your dreams, and start the process of putting it all together to help you achieve your goals.

Call me to set up your complimentary Discovery Call 206-794-0314.

- Robin

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