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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

When you invite a designer into your home, what happens exactly?

The specifics depend upon how the individual designer works, of course, but a few things are pretty universal. First of all, after introductions, you'll be asked to show your home. Personally, I find it very helpful to see the whole space, even if we are only focusing on one particular area for the time being.

Why? It gives the designer a better overall picture of you, the way you live, and the architecture of your house. Your house can inform the designer of many things; we think in terms of the bigger picture when making suggestions and decisions. It might feel a bit strange bringing a designer through your private spaces, you'll probable notice all the clutter you don't normally see, but don't worry. We're human, too, with piles of our own laundry. And we're used to seeing a wide variety of homes.

After the "grand tour", we'll get down to the business of creating your color scheme. Some designers work off a paint deck, some use color cards, others will choose to come back to you with a finished palette. One thing you probably won't be doing much of is sitting. Instead, we'll be working from room to room. I start with a paint deck and dig right in. Probably due to my familiarity with color, I find a fan deck is flexible, portable and quick.

We'll go from space to space, pulling colors together. It's pretty exciting to see a new color scheme starting to emerge as we walk from room to room.

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We discuss those things that are hard installed, like flooring and tile, plus furniture, lighting, window treatments and even your lifestyle - are you formal, casual or something in between? It's all information that goes into the decision making process and helps us to land on the right colors for you.

During the appointment you'll be a key participant in the process, because this is about your home, after all. Oftentimes, there is more than one "right" color for a space, and your feelings about the color can be the most important design element of any we discuss.

Afterwards, you'll receive a detailed color and finish specification that you can send to your painter, bring to the paint store for sampling, or use for yourself. When we create a color scheme, you can execute it as you wish, but it's really helpful to have that overall color plan, so you'll know where you are headed.

If you'd like to book a color consultation for yourself, let's talk. Expect it to take about an hour and a half for an interior visit, and about the same for an exterior plan. You can book your appointment online, or fill out my contact form, and we'll make it happen.

Do you love your walls? Are you ready for a refresh? What are your favorite colors?

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