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Robin's Cure for Boring Decor: Add Art and Call Me in the Morning

Lately, I've been giving art a lot of thought.

It started out as a response to the design homogenization seen on television and online. If you spend any time with HGTV, Pinterest or Instagram, things very quickly start looking alike - it's all white walls (ha, I've got those!), Boho Chic or Mid-century Modern everything, or simply too many Farmhouse influences.

When everything is too perfect, a room starts feeling like a theme; think movie set, hotel room or department store. It's boring and impersonal.

Art is the perfect antidote.

But Robin, Isn't Art Spendy?

Many people have the mistaken impression that art should be "fancy".

Here's a secret: Art is priced to accommodate many budgets. It certainly can be costly, but it doesn't have to be. You can acquire a quality piece of art from a great gallery for $400. Or $4,000. Or $40,000. There are a variety of pricing levels.

In fact, when you buy art from living, breathing artists, not only are you supporting a small business ecosystem, in many cases you are directly helping to pay someone's rent. It's a win-win for all involved.

Art is the Secret Sauce

Art is a wonderful way to create a sense of place, and deepen your connection to where you live.

Go to a gallery opening. The artist is there to connect, discuss and share. Bring your curiosity and you'll have an experience that can never be replicated online. When you meet the artist and take a piece home, you have a deeper understanding of what went into that piece, what the artist is like and something special happens... a warm feeling of connection that deepens your own personal sense of place.

And your house no longer looks like everyone else's. It now has it's own personal stamp, and you are part of something greater than a trendy design "look".

Pulling it Together

As an interior designer, my personal mission is to bring locally crafted art into my projects, and connect my clients to the region they call home.

A painting becomes the jumping off point for color inspiration. Sculpture adds dimension and texture to a room. A local metal forge creates the railings and drapery rods - in other words, there are many ways to add art and craft, and transform your home into something uniquely yours.

*Thank you to Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison, WA for sharing their quality artists and images for this article. Make a day trip of it and visit them. Drop by the gallery, tour the shops, enjoy lunch, and don't forget to say Hello.

You Can Become a Patron of the Visual Arts, Too

1) Google art galleries in your area. Go visit

2) Or, search galleries in neighboring towns and make a day trip of it

3) Attend monthly show openings and meet the artists. Get on the mailing list

4) Ask questions and interact: How was this made, who is the artist, tell me more about their work

5) That's it! If you feel pulled to something, buy it. If not, that's totally okay


You Can Have a Home that is Customized for You

Do you love your home? Would you like to? Perhaps it's time for a conversation about possibilities and what we can do together to make your dreams a reality.

Robin Daly, pnw interior designer

Call or email to schedule your consultation.

The phone call is free, and we’ll discuss your project and get ready for exciting changes.

Ready? It all starts with a conversation:


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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2020

I totally agree - art and custom crafted elements make SUCH a difference in any space!

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