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Welcome 2019!

As the new year kicks into action, I find it's a great opportunity to pause for a brief moment and reflect on last year. Whew. Suffice it to say there’s a lot to review from 2018!

As you probably know, 2018 was the year Robin Daly Color and Design was born. It's been a whirlwind of endings and beginnings, and it's turned into such a positive experience.

With this new endeavor, I have the opportunity of really taking the time to thoughtfully help my clients - not only with paint colors for interiors and exteriors (color will always be my passion), but now I am thrilled to offer full-service interior design. It’s what I studied in college, and integrating those years of “real world” experience into the other facets of design is turning out to be my superpower.

A peek at few projects:


One of the Most Exciting Events of 2018 was My First Trip to High Point Market in North Carolina Last Fall

It was a deep dive into all things furniture.

Before I tell you about what I learned, I want you share with you the immensity of what “going to market” really means, because it’s truly an amazing feat of people-planning.

Imagine 100,000 people converging on a small town that normally boasts a population of 110,000, for a solid week focused on the profession of interior design and furniture, including 1.2 million square feet of showroom space. One. Point. Two. Mil. And get this - when it’s not fall or spring market, those 1.2 M SQ FT are largely empty the rest of the year.

Besides the amazing eye candy everywhere I turned, I wondered, “How do you feed all these people when there are very few restaurants? How do you move them about from venue to venue? Where do they all sleep? And how many bottles of wine are consumed?”

Now imagine these 100,000 people running around in fabulous outfits and sporting great haircuts. That’s a bit of what market feels like!

Would You Like to See Some of the Design Trends from Highpoint Market?

What’s Coming Up Next?

Funny you should ask, but I am getting ready to go to market again at the end of this month, only this time it’ll be in Las Vegas. Can’t wait to show you those new pictures, too.

And if you follow me on Instagram, I'll be posting live updates there, as-well.

Not gonna lie... a little sun this time of year? Count me in!

In the Meantime, I Have a Favor to Ask of You

I am still in startup mode and I am looking to build my business. Do you know anyone who can benefit from my services?

I Offer a Great Consultation Package:

A design consultation is a very focused meeting, and it’s customized with actionable ideas. It’s a fun, immersive process that lasts up to 2 hours, and may include:​

  • Paint color selection, including specifications

  • Window treatments and shades

  • Surfaces and fixtures; lighting, flooring, tile and trims

  • Furniture, including re-upholstery

  • Remodeling and refurbishing

  • Help with defining a comfortable budget

  • Styling tips and art placement

The client receives a copy of our meeting notes which can include color specifications, sketches and ideas that may be implemented right away.

If we decide to do further work to do together, we can then move forward into a more in-depth interior design process. If nothing more is needed, all’s good, and the result is a very tangible take-away from our time together.

The consultation is $400, and can be booked directly with me: 206-794-0314 or

Design Consultations are a lot of fun, and can really help get projects moving. Thank you so much for sharing this (or even calling me for yourself) with someone who may benefit.

- Robin

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