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This is #1 in a series of Design Trend Reports - trends gathered from my annual trip to High Point Market, the world's largest furniture and design trade show. Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be sharing key takeaways from market so that you can incorporate these fresh ideas into your own home.

Sofa upholstered in performance fabrics for easy lving
White sofa? Sure! Velvet seat? Yes!

Performance Fabric Background

Have you heard of Sunbrella fabric? It was originally created as a replacement for canvas duck cloth, and used for outdoor cushions and awnings, all the way back in1961.

Stiff, scratchy and available in bright colors only, nobody would imagine regularly using this indoors. There were also commercial fabrics on the market, think of those nubbly1970's chairs you'd sit in at the library or doctor's office, but no way would you want that kind of fabric in your home.

Technology has really pricked up speed in recent years, and today Performance Fabrics are almost all (don't worry, we'll address natural linens in a future post) anyone talks about for upholstery.

Performance Brands To Know

Here are some of the brands you'll see:

  • Sunbrella, Crypton, Inside/Out, Perennials, Revolution

Each brand offers specific their own specific features and benefits.

Where to Use Performance Fabrics

... How about almost everywhere? You'll find performance features in wovens, chenilles, leathers (yes, leather) and even sheers. Wow!


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