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Latest Tar-jay Trend and it's High-Style Origin

I was cruising through Target the other day, as one does when you have a few minutes, and I was stopped in my tracks by a new display of some deeply saturated, detailed print tropical pillows. Wowza!

Funny thing is... I saw a display of richly detailed, tropical pillows and accessories when I was at High Point Market (interior design trade show) last fall. They weren't exactly this print, but it's pretty clear that the inspiration is there.

The Target Pillow

And Here's the Luxury Inspiration of this Mass Market Style. Notice Any Similarities?

These images are from a display by a company called Ngala Trading Company, which works with local companies in Africa to make African-designed and manufactured luxury lighting and curated home décor products.

And because we are looking at inspiration, check out this chandelier from Ngala Trading Co.

Hand cut strips of suede crafted into a chandelier. I wonder if this will give inspiration for the mass market, too. This is from the Sea Urchin collection. Stunning in real life!

I love the mix of high/low. And I think it's enlightening to see the origin of a hot design trend. How does it happen, and how fast does it trickle down to the major retailers?

If you can afford the original, you get the opportunity support small businesses in developing countries, using sustainable manufacturing processes. If instead you've got a Target budget, that's okay too. High style should be for us all, right?

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