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In today's world, "Normal" has a new meaning. And with interior design, we are finding we can offer most of our normal services using digital technology.

These last few weeks I've been working with clients using multiple modes of communication. Everyone's been a good sport about it, and I am pleased to report that we are Getting It Done!!

As I'm sure you've heard, ZOOM conferencing has been all the rage for socially distant meetings these days, and it turns out that it also works for consultations and design projects - as long as you're on a mobile device and can move around the house.

Many of these technologies work; Facebook Messenger, Instagram, even Snapchat.

Yes! We are doing paint color specifications - did you notice the Glassybaby being put to good use as a phone tripod?
This is how I see your house from my perspective

Here's a quick design board created after a Virtual Design Consultation we did last week, illustrating the new front door paint color, and to show how simple embellishments make all the difference.

And here's where we started...



We have the ability to present your designs virtually, and you can approve everything via your digital dashboard

Here are the Living Room furnishings for my clients Laura and Nick (btw, we were soooooo lucky to install these furnishings the day before the social distancing shut-down began). They inspired the room with the wine barrel bar that they already had, and we developed it from there.

The side chairs are cushy and they swivel, the creamy white sofa is upholstered in performance fabric - wine spills won't ever be a worry.

Laura and Nick were looking for a fun, relaxed space to watch family movies and gather with friends. The down-cushioned sofa has a mattress built inside for occasional guests, and is very comfortable for everyday use.

Over-sized floor pillows for lounging and video gaming, with pops of color and pattern.

Did you notice the final swivel chair fabric evolved from the original design board? Check out the pix below.

The images below are from our work-in-progress snapshots on install day. When I say we were lucky to get this installed, we were lucky! It was full-on hustle the whole time. If we had waited even an extra day... Laura and Nick would still be waiting.

I'm looking forward to showing you the big mirror (in the 3rd image) officially installed in it's place of honor in the Entry. We'll have to wait a few weeks, but it will be worth it.



Some of you are asking what I'm doing for work during this mandated pause... Pretty much everything, except we're digital.

We are teeing up new design plans, getting them ready to launch when the world opens back up again.

I'm meeting with clients, planning remodels, creating inspiring design boards and sourcing beautiful products. Lots of coordinating with contractors and remodeling professionals to make sure we are ready to go as soon as we are allowed.

  • Color Consultations? YES!

  • Full-Service Interior Design? YES!

  • Designer-On-Call Help? YES!

Now that you've gotten up-close-and-personal with your four walls, are you finding areas that need improvement?


FREE: 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation - My Gift to You

Let's Connect and Discuss Your Project - you don't have to wait to get started, we can dive-in right away. And you'll be that much closer to a fresh, new look.

Shoot me an email or give me a call to set up your 30-minute Discovery Video Discussion. From there, we'll get you scheduled for your virtual all-inclusive Design Consultation - and we'll be off to the races!

206-794-0314 - phone or text

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