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I Love LA! Fantastic Furniture Finds and Design Inspo

I flew down to Los Angeles this week with a few colleagues to research suppliers and resources on the west coast.

Quick, snap a pic! The sky is blue and the wall is, too.

Why LA?

Los Angeles has a thriving industrial district, and when you start sleuthing you stumble upon all kinds of surprises and inspiration. Not only is the culture just different enough from the PNW for fresh ideas, but there are so many creative businesses and unique makers in town, it’s easy to spend hours immersing yourself in a whole different vibe.

But I went to La La Land on a specific mission: Could I find a furniture manufacturer that isn’t out 30+ weeks to create a sofa? (Don’t know if you’ve heard, but these last few years have been a wee bit challenging for project timelines. heh.)

One of our furniture factory tours. Impeccable tailoring.

The short answer is “Yes.”

The long answer is “Yes, and.”

Yes, we can create a custom-made sofa with your choice of fabrics, styling… everything in fact, in less than 30+ weeks. And, we can custom design that sofa so you’re the only person in the world with those exact specifications. No limits on fabrics. No limits on shape, size, look - the whole shebang.

And costs range from around $5-10,000 (completely custom) all the way to $100,000. Yes, $100k for a sofa. I know. But it’s LA, and you can do that sort of thing there.

Not only that, but because the furniture is manufactured on the west coast, shipping times are also shorter. What’s not to love about that?

Our trip also included a visit to a custom lighting manufacturer, a cool vintage furniture warehouse, a Danish textile line (their first US showroom opened just last week. Lucky timing!), plus the visit to that showroom with the $100k sofa.

Robin and Randy sitting pretty. Does this $40k sofa make my assets look big?

It’s doubtful that we can order everything this way, of course, but how wonderful to keep expanding our options. My goal was to find a solution to timeline challenges, and the result is going to be beneficial for much more than that.

I feel like Randy Neuman singing “I love LA!”

Note to self: Check the weather. It never got above 54 degrees, and we enjoyed an “atmospheric river” of rain during our time in town. But I was able to break out the sunnies for the afternoon on Wednesday - along with my gloves.

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