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Here we are, each nestled into our own version of WWHQ (world wide headquarters), and guess what?

It's getting messy.

By now it's become crystal clear that our home is an important sanctuary in this crazy world. One that needs to support us for multiple different activities; from cooking to working to relaxing.

And when you're successfully staying put, you're probably noticing a few things about the house that are starting to bug you. Make you dream of your own HGTV makeover...

I've compiled a list of Things That Bug Me at Home While Social Distancing for fun. They aren't about my house specifically, but from observations and feedback I've picked up on over the last few weeks, hanging out on Facebook and chatting it up with people.

What have you noticed about your home that you'd like to work on? How many on this list could be about your home?


Robin's List of...

Things That Bug Me at Home While Social Distancing:


1) My Current Couch Does Not Support My Inner Slouch

2) Not Enough Smart Storage for... Everything

3) My Home Office Needs An Awesome ZOOM Backdrop. And a Style Boost - I Want WWHQ to Showcase My Personality. With Great Lighting

4) My Kitchen Cabinets Are Toast (Did you get that? The food reference, haha)

5) The Master Bedroom is Anything But Cozy

6) These Shoes May Be Made for (Socially Distanced) Walking, But They Are Taking Over My Entryway

7) My TV Room is Booooooring! And Cluttered. And Cramped - And It's Too Bright During the Day, I Can't Really Binge My Shows Properly

8) Wasn't I Supposed to Have My Dreamy Home Spa by Now? Did Someone Mention "Bidet"?

9) My Patio is An Extension of My House, But It's Nowhere Near Ready for Prime Time

10) My Walls - Need. New. Paint.


While this list is filled with tongue-in-cheek memes, there is an underlying thought behind them. Home is important. Sure, sure, we knew that already, right? I think so. But I am appreciating my home very much these days. And I hope you are, too.

Ready to Make Changes RIGHT NOW?

Check out this article with four things you can do right now, to feel good about being at home.

If you are feeling stuck, or if you would like to get a fresh perspective on your home, let's connect.

Right now, I am offering 30-minute Video Discovery Calls, and they are FREE.

We talk about your home - what works, what doesn't work, and we determine if we are the right fit for each other to help get you unstuck - and to make home a place where you love spending time.

It's easy and it's fun (and it's FREE).

To schedule your Video Discovery Call, simply phone/text at 206-794-0314, or email me at

Robin's temporary design studio
Robin's temporary WWHQ. AKA, the corner in the family room. Got my coffee, me phone is ready for conferencing - we are good to go!

What if you prefer a Discovery Phone Call instead?

Not feeling ready for your close up? No problem. We do it over the phone instead.

Added bonus? We can both skip getting out of our jammies - and still make magic happen.

Phone/text: 206-794-0314

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