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From "Spec to "Spectacular" - Was It Worth It?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

It’s been a quick minute since Robin Daly Color & Design launched, and I'm excited to share all that’s new and what's waiting for you.

What’s Been Happening This Last Year?

We moved from here to there (3 moves in 10 months!), lost some luggage along the way, found a new home in a beautiful neighborhood, gave it much needed upgrades and added some serious style.

BEFORE - The walls were the color of 1990's khaki pants. The entry had green slate tile, the living room carpeting smelled - but layout of the house showed great potential

What started as a simple repaint, ended up a whole house project; complete kitchen gut, all new hardwood flooring, luscious window treatments, new furniture and lighting, upgraded showstopper fireplace - all because our contractor was “ready right away” - and you know how tough it is to get on their schedule these days… we had to leap.

This meant the design phase was fast, targeted and determined.

You Can Do This, Too

If you are struggling because you know you are ready for a change, but don’t know where to start, you need my signature Color & Design Consultation. It’s created with you in mind; a power packed two-hour design session that gives you full-on access to my designer’s brain, including all the detailed notes taken during our time together.

Plus, if you are looking for new paint colors, this session includes thorough paint specifications to upload to your painter, ensuring everyone is on the same page with the correct information.

We often struggle with knowing where to start, or creating the plan and implementing the vision, all because we don't want to make a mistake - especially when it comes to our home.

Welcome Home... Maybe?

Have you experienced this in your house? When we bought our new place, there wasn't one surface that didn't need attention. While it was considered a showstopper house circa 1997, nothing had been done since. Worst of all was the smell of grungy carpeting. Ugh.

Giving myself a dose of my own medicine, I tackled our new house like I would yours:

1) Start with a Walk-thru and Assessment

2) Create a Scope of Work

3) Sourcing and Budgeting

4) ... and Go. We were off to the races.

Our contractor started demo the week we got the keys. Decisions were made fast.

Now our house fits out personality to a T, and best of all, it no longer looks like a dated contractor's spec home.

You Can Have a Home that is Customized to Suit your Needs and Dreams

Know that relief is one phone call away, and you’ll even have a great time in the process.

Whether you live in my backyard or beyond, I can be right there in your back pocket to make sure you make all the right choices, and make the most of your budget and time.

Call or email to schedule your consultation. The phone call is free, and we’ll discuss your project and get you ready for exciting changes.

Ready? It's easy: 206-794-0314 or

Projects big and small, they’re all important, because what’s more essential than your home? I’m a designer with a tape measure and a color wheel in hand, and am ready to create on your behalf.

And this probably sounds totally crazy, but in design-time, the holiday season is just around the corner… and if you need to get the house ready for guests and entertaining, now is the time to make it happen.

A Treat for You

Thinking about making some changes? Here’s a Design Style worksheet you can download - it’s all about defining your design personality, so your home doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Because I believe your home should be an expression of who you uniquely are.


Scenes from the Fast Reno:

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