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Exterior Painting Season is Here!

I cut my design teeth in a paint store, helping people both in the shop and in the field choose paint colors for their homes. A lot of homes. This time of year, many of us are focused on finding the perfect exterior paint color scheme. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming.... and the house needs a new paint job!

Today I want to discuss the best way for you to sample your paint colors. There are tons and tons of articles and inspiration boards that focus on color combinations, which I love, but what do you do to make sure your colors are going to look Instagram-worthy for your own home?

Paint samples on the side of a house
Small paint samples really aren't the best way to give you a sense of scale or a real impression of the final color scheme.

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3...

I want you to paint your color swatches on your house, but with a twist; I want you to go BIG.

Large paint samples on the side of a house

Here is an example of a house I color consulted on last year. The painter actually sprayed the two colors being considered on the house for the homeowner. See how these large samples give you a sense of what the final result will be? Yes!

Most of us don't have a painter with a sprayer just happily waiting to help out, but you can replicate the effect on your own by painting your own large samples.

You can do this! Use a roller, not a brush. Two coats. Minimum size: 4' x 4". Seriously.

Designer Tip: Instead of buying a sample pot from the paint store, invest in a quart, or even a gallon. This allows you to test the paint SHEEN as well as the COLOR. Sample pots only come in a generic eggshell or satin sheen, and usually made from the cheapest quality paint. Since the sheen and quality-level of the paint affects how the color will look, this is a smart investment for landing on the colors that will be seen by everyone for years.

Choosing paint colors with a client
We start with the fan deck... then we are off to the races!

Do you know that I can help you find the right colors for your home? Even the exterior?

If you find you are needing help landing on the perfect color scheme, if you don't know where to start, let's talk. You can have me come out to your home, and we can create a color scheme right then and there. I work between Seattle to Bellingham, so it's easy to connect. Check that one off the list, done!

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