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Design Dispatch from the Spare Room: Home is a Gift to Treasure

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Raise your hand if you are reading this from the comfort of your home. Most of us are these days, aren’t we? For our friends serving in an essential capacity, Thank You.

On Monday, I relocated my design studio back into the house, borrowing my absent daughter’s room (Hey, it’s got the best light!) to set up my remote design studio. While all the fabric and wallpaper samples stay safe and sound back at the office, the computer and printer are raring to go here at the new WWHQ.

Turns out the cat does a pretty poor job at maintaining a 6’ distance from her coworkers.

Design Doesn't Stop

Interior design projects often span longer time frames, and my current projects keep moving forward, even as we collectively nestle deeper in our homes.

But, wow. With the unexpected opportunity to reflect over these last few weeks, it’s now crystal clear that our homes are our havens, and spending this quality/quantity time has really brought that idea into sharp focus: Home is a gift to treasure.

Are you familiar with the term, “Cocooning”? Guess when it was coined... 1981. Imagine if we were practicing all this self-distancing pre internet! Learn more about Cocooning here. I am grateful for the technology advances that allow us to stay connected to each other.

Speaking of Cocooning...

My friend, real estate agent Patricia Wangsness, shared this meme. Do you relate?

Steps You Can Take Right Now

All joking aside, I want to share FOUR things you can do right now, while you have this extra bonding time with your home. Taking steps and making changes feels so good.

1) Tackle a Painting Project

Here’s a few paint companies that offer home delivery service. Included are different pricing ranges in this list:

2) Wash Some Windows

Open the doors, let the fresh air in and get those panes sparkling inside and out!

Think of this as a home workout...with benefits.

3) Take a Walk INSIDE Your House

This is a technique I sometimes encourage my clients to try. Try walking around the house as if it’s the very first time you’ve visited. Literally start from the porch, open the door, and…

What do you notice? Are there little piles of things here and there? How about the furniture layout? Are your rooms boring and in need of a style boost?

Start taking notes. You can work with a designer via a video call, if you are looking for some guidance from a social distance, or you can dig right in yourself. Shove a chair around, declutter a room, make changes.

4) Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers

Bring the outside in. Our grocery store is well stocked with flowers, I am betting yours is, too. Now is the perfect time for fresh blooms, they are a wonderful addition to your work-from-home space.

Keep in Touch

Let me know what you are doing in your home to feel cozy and happy. Send in your great ideas, and I'll share them with everyone else.

>>> If you’d like to connect for a virtual walk-thru, let’s do it!

We’ve got Zoom, FaceTime and Insta at our fingertips - let’s make that technology work for us.

Oh, and for the time being... I am offering 30 minute video consultations for FREE - my gift to you, because I feel very strongly about keeping connected.

Message me at or text/call 206-794-0314 and we'll set something up.

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